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If you’re a homeowner

You only get one chance to do this right. Installing radiant barrier RoofingFoil™ under your new tile or metal roof is almost like putting a giant tree over your home. Your home will have immediate energy savings, and be more comfortable year round. Considering the cost alone of a new […]

If you’re a contractor

Did you know that by adding a radiant barrier to a roofing assembly with an air gap you can ELIMINATE 97% of radiant heat gain into any structure? This is true for homes, barns, sheds, garages, warehouses, etc. This means if you are not adding radiant barrier on all your roofing jobs, […]

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Learn more about installing RoofingFoil™ radiant barrier under a roof with an air space to block 97% of radiant heat! Our radiant barrier does not tear or rip – it’s the strongest foil out there. Order a FREE sample and test it yourself. We stand behind our foil with a 100% […]